Friday, August 28, 2009

What's left of Victoria Beckham?

Hello Bloggies,
I saw a photo of Victoria Beckham in the newspaper last week. Or should I say, I saw a photo of what is left of Victoria Beckham.
I don't know much about this attractive young woman except that she was a "Posh Girl" from Great Britain, and I am assuming that this reference is to a popular singing group. (Can you tell than I am old and getting older by the day?)
It was a side view and if you didn't look really hard, you would have missed her, the poor thing. Yes, she has a beautiful face, very beautiful, I would say. But her body? Her shoulder blades betray a beautiful skeleton and the circumference of her arms ( dangling and floating from the shoulder bone) was not much more than the width of my tooth floss.
So, this lovely young Brit comes to the good ol' USA and adds to the absurdity of our young girls being obsessed with an emaciated body image. We don't really need any outside assistance, do we? We are doing a bang up good job on our own.
That's why I wrote this little book, "The Joyful Life of a Diet Dropout". I am not a young girl anymore but I was also becoming obsessed with the American preoccupation with thinness. When I did the research on how many of our young girls are dieting and the horrifying percentage of girls who will progress to pathological dieting, I was terrified. It was then that I realized that I was promoting the whole scam and bought into it hook, line and sinker.
Pictures of this social icon, Victoria Beckham, solidify the wrong message to the next generation of women.
Women should have curves! Curves don't automatically adhere to bones! In fact, they are the antithesis to bones! Eating is a joy! Dieting is the curse! And of course, I am only speaking to those of us who are not overweight in a way that our health is affected. And I am not advocating that we do away with exercise! But eating healthy and staying fit do not have to involve starving, diet crazes and obsession with how we look!
Please, Victoria, have a hot fudge sundae. And it has to be three scoops. Believe me, lovely young lady, you will look a lot better. And maybe smile, too.
I'm also hoping you will discover cheesecake.
Sending love and "love yourself" vibes,

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